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Bonsmara cattle are generally even-tempered and easy to manage under most management systems. They do well in arid conditions and can also withstand humidity and insects. With their great breeding abilities, general hardiness, and docility, the Bonsmara has become a favorite of many subtropical and global ranchers!

Strict Breeding Standards

Breed standards for Bonsmara Cattle are very strict. Cattle with bad or wild temperaments; skew faces or muzzles; under or over shot jaws; outward growing or inward curling hooves; scoliosis; congenital kinking of the upper third of the tail; long, fleshy sheaths or sheaths with openings that are too large; hypoplasia of the testes; cryptorchidism; torsion of the scrotum; or summer coats that are wooly or frizzy in texture and appearance would have to be taken into account first. A number of other faults will be marked as such but animals will not necessarily be disqualified for them.

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  • ​Adaptable to most climates
  • Better temperaments
  • Excellent carcass and meat qualities
  • Good growth ability
  • Advantageous feed conversion ratio
  • Excellent fertility with short inter-calving conditions
  • Early maturity
  • Low birth weights therefore easier calving
  • Better re-conception rates
  • Well developed udders with adequate milk

Get Bonsmara and let nature take its course.

The reason for developing the Bonsmara breed was to establish an efficient beef breed suitable for the warm bushveld and sub-tropical areas of South Africa. However, because of its adaptability, efficiency, beef- and carcass characteristics, the breed has gained much ground and today proliferates throughout South Africa. Because of its virtues, Bonsmara is also much sought after in other parts of the world, including the United States.

Bonsmara has become a highly respected breed because of the following attributes:

The Bonsmara System